We plan, prepare and execute effective image and sales campaigns online. We create and manage text and visual advertisements in search engines (Google), on websites and in social media (Facebook). We also have experience in remarketing campaigns aimed at people, who have visited our clients’ websites before.


We set up, manage and optimize profiles on social media sites, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. We create an effective communications strategy that allows to gather new clients. We build a positive image of brands and companies among a selected community, as well as conduct ad campaigns aimed at a specific group among social media users.

and website audits

Optimizing websites for users and search engines is very important. We conduct audits and create recommendations on how to fix all discovered errors. In cooperation with our clients we develop and execute a strategy of building valuable content and promoting the website on the Internet. Our goal is to increase popularity of a site or a shop, which in turn brings in more users and potential customers.

online image creation

Starting with a list of criteria and ways of implementing required changes, we begin our work with creating a brand’s identity. We prepare messages for traditional and electronic media. We cooperate with popular bloggers and similar website owners. We create virtual calling cards in most popular places. We advise and help in case of emergencies.


Based on the information provided by our clients, we create an effective and optimal marketing strategies with a set of guidelines on how to successfully lead an online and offline business. We analyze dozens of factors that influence a success rate, verify the results in cooperation with the client and develop the best solution possible that, in turn, results in increased sales.

Traffic and online
brand visibility analysis

By using such tools as Google Analytics®, Google Webmaster Tools® and many others, we conduct complex analysis of website traffic and campaign effectiveness. We prepare reports, talk them over with the client, and point the best way to move forward, maximize profits and gather new customers.


Website content influences both user engagement and the website’s position in search engines. A well prepared text can decide about a site’s online success. We help with that by conducting necessary and optimal keyword analysis (optimal for users and search engines alike). After that we start creating texts that meet very specific expectations and help achieve a set goal (advertising, sales, image improvement).