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Akcent School of Foreign Languages

Akcent is a modern, fully professional foreign languages school with a long tradition. It has two facilities (one in the city of Poznań, the other in nearby Suchy Las). If offers a rich selection of language courses for children, youth and adults, as well as companies. Most of its students learn English.





and website

Our job was to refresh the company’s image – we have created a new logo, a small brand identity book (which was a completely new thing for the company) and a website.

The new logo, created from the ground up, was based on the idea of using the first phonetic symbol existing in the English word “accent” and adding it to the upper index of the school’s name. After accepting a finalized design, a small brand identity book was created.

The next step was to create and upload a new, responsive, user-friendly website. It’s most important features are: an option to take an online language test and a possibility to sign up for a selected course. At the same time a special photo shoot was organized to provide good looking pictures for the website. Moreover we have asked for some references from current and former students – all these actions have boosted the authenticity of the school’s message.

Our further cooperation with the school relies on designing printed materials and search engine positioning.

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