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Wielkopolska Spółdzielcza Kasa Oszczędnościowo Kredytowa  is a financial institution with over 60 branches in 5 counties with an ever growing list of members. It grants loans, offers savings accounts and short-term and long-term deposits. Members can also purchase insurance and participate in a fast legal help program.





Wielkopolska SKOK turned to us with a task of creating a website meant as a modern means of communication with clients. Having a specific target group in mind, the requirements were as follows:

– a clear and useful graphic design,
– an easy access to all of the information,
– adaptation of the website for people with a weaker vision,
– creation of a light mobile version of the website (goal: limited data transmission).

In a short period of time we were able to create a see-through architecture of information and a graphic design fit for the client and a target group. After additional two months the website was programmed and currently works based on the Kentico content management system.

After launching the website we begun positioning and advertising the finished product. Advertising on a financial market requires a continuity of work and a timely optimization. Wielkopolska SKOK often introduces new products, and as a result the scope of our marketing actions is constantly growing.

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