We create modern, responsive and functional websites. Building simple websites and complex online portals is our daily routine. Before starting work, we carefully study our client’s needs, discover his/her business and target group’s expectations. We work with open source content management systems (such as Wordpress), as well as commercial ones (Kentico). We utilize HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript/jQuery, PHP + MySQL, C# + MS SQL and SCRUM methodology with complicated projects.


Our online shops are created with well known e-commerce solutions, both commercial (Sote) and open source (WooCommerce for Wordpress). We take care about the visual side, user-friendliness and admin usefulness. We create solutions for B2B and B2C areas. We advise clients on which web marketing tools are the best option for achieving higher profits.


A well-designed landing page is the base for all successful online advertising campaigns. Its main purpose depends on the kind of effect we want to achieve. It could be: registering on a website, gathering contact data, invitation to purchase a product or a simple information about an offer. After a detailed analysis we provide a solution.


We create web, desktop and mobile GUIs. Their attractive visual side has an enormous influence on the client’s behavior when using an application or website. They can encourage to take a closer look on the content or help make a decision about a purchase. Our work starts with a simple sketch, which then is being transformed into a working prototype. That is being tested and optimized, and finally the client is given a fully operational, professional interface design.

Integrating websites
with external systems

Our clients work with various systems on a daily basis – we develop documentation and execute a full integration of our websites with external systems. This kind of solution enables, for example, to display a full array of stored products on a website without the need to manually input each and every one of them.